About Us

Our company is based in Sheridan, Wyoming. We print and manufacture our products in various locations in order to provide you with the best selection of products. We specialize in customization and personalizing of products to give you the ability to have some something special to represent your sport any day, anywhere offering you the best styles with the best fit and performance at the most competitive prices. We are focused on almost all sports but our main focus is on Baseball and Softball. 

We strive to deliver original and genuine designs every month with our professional team of in-house designers and illustrators. We can design anything from a basic logo to a full concept for your club or business. Vector files from you help our team turn around jobs very quickly. We will be able to bring you products that put a smile on your face every time you wear it, use it, or see it.

Though, we have competitors replicating our designs, this does not stop us from making more unique, true and original designs that you can never get anywhere else as we've vouched to keep our customers looking unique and happy.

Over the years before we finally launched our online store, we've worked with numerous notable teams and organizations. Some of them are:


We have also been featured on:


We have a mission to provide you with the highest quality products available, and always ensure your new gear has not only passed, but exceeded our quality-assurance testing before being sent out to you. We will always have your back as customer satisfaction is our top priority. 


While the journey at Locker For Sports is still far, the future is where we are most excited, and the chance to have you along with us will forever motivate us to continue doing work that matters for the people who support us.